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We are thrilled to announce the start of our very own advanced puppy training program! For the first time, we will be able to offer families the opportunity for additional training after our pups are 8 weeks old. This structured extension of our breeding program will allow puppies time to adjust to life without their littermates and begin basic training skills. We will base our training off our own personal experiences and knowledge as well as the professional training program designed by Baxter & Bella.


Our mission here at CWB is to ensure that every adoption is successful. We measure success in an adoption partly by how the puppy adjusts to his/her new environment. A huge key to that adjustment is a well-prepared and knowledgeable trainer.

Our Transitional Training curriculum will be based off of a highly structured schedule, where we utilize bonding and trust to teach puppy how to communicate with the trainer. We will introduce common commands and phrases to build our training each day off of and add to. 


We hope that with our structured curriculum in the first 8 weeks of puppy's life while here at CWB, from additional time in our transitional training as well as our detailed guide for all our families, ALL OF OUR PUPPIES will go on to live happy, well-adjusted lives. 


Our Transitional Training Program will begin Spring 2023 and will have limited spots as we work through our own program for the first time. We will be accepting only 2 puppies from each litters at first so that we can focus on our routine and training.  These puppies will remain with us after Homecoming Day for an additional 10 days of individualized training.


During this time, we will be working with your puppy on:

-basic manners and obedience 

-common language/commands such as sit, down, stay, come, ok, kennel

-leash walking

-crate training 

-potty training

-name association and recall

Our goal is to make puppy's transition to your home go as smoothly as possible. You get to avoid the first few loud and messy days of puppy and potty training, while we teach puppy a whole new routine. We will work on setting the foundation for you to build off of once puppy goes home. Please understand that you will still have to support puppy during the transition and keep up our routine, but that's why we are HIGHLY ENCOURAGING ALL FAMILIES who choose our Transitional Training Program (and especially those who don't) to enroll in Baxter & Bella! Using B&B, you will be able to continue moving forward with puppy's training and build off of all that puppy learns in our puppy school. 


Together we can empower your puppy to have confidence, feel loved, and take on new experiences with ease! Be sure to ask if there is availability when you commit to a specific litter for adoption. Our training program is offered on a first come-first serve basis and has limited availability. Families will receive daily updates (pics and/or videos), a training report card at completion, and detailed binder with training schedule, language and additional resources. 

Cost: $1000

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