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Proudly named one of the Top 3 Bernedoodles breeders in Wisconsin by We Love Doodles!



Our Nursery Community, puppy curriculum and enrichment activities are second to none. At CWB our focus is creating confident pups with a head start on training and socialization. In addition to that, families LOVE the connections they form in our CWB family and the breeder support they receive. NEW IN 2023 is our CWB Transitional Training Program! We're thrilled to announce the ability to offer additional support and training beyond our extensive 8 week curriculum.  We have limited space and availability, so be sure to ask about this when you commit to a specific litter. 


We have more litters on the way and will fill those off of our waitlist first. With a variety of litters planned, we can offer many different color and size combinations!  If you missed our recent quarterly e-newsletter, be sure you check it out as it contains a ton of important information regarding our program and what is coming!

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We are the Tritz family.  Our first Berner, Tillie, is the most loving dog we have ever known.

We’re Travis and Jessica Tritz. We live in Vesper WI on a 60 acre cranberry marsh with our 6 young children and growing dog family!


We fell in love with the Bernese Mountain Dog (BMD) breed after having a heartbreaking experience with our first family dog. When our son was bit by our malamute, we vowed to never  again bring a dog into our family that we thought might hurt someone.


After years of healing and countless hours of research, we knew we'd found the right breed for our family: the Bernese Mountain Dog.  Our first Berner, Tillie, makes anyone who meets her fall in love with the breed.

We knew we wanted to add a Standard Poodle to our family after we learned how intelligent, playful, and sweet they are. Our first Poodle, Willow got us completely hooked on the breed! These breeds compliment each other very nicely!


Since deciding to expand our small program, we have had the joy of adding additional Berners to our family and love each as much as the last. It’s amazing how similar they all can be, which only reinforces our love for these incredible breeds. Although our house has more dog hair in it than ever, we couldn’t be happier because our hearts (and laps!!) are full!


As we continue our passion of breeding purebred BMD’s, we are also thoroughly enjoying  breeding the perfect cross of these two breeds: the Bernedoodle. We have found bernedoodles to be the BEST combination of all the wonderful traits in both our Berneses and our Poodles. Their hypoallergenic nature, slightly smaller and more agile frame is a delightful "middle ground" and makes a truly incredible family pet. 

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Litter News

Alice has started us off with 9 beautiful bernedoodles on October 10. Both she and her pups are all doing amazing. Coco and Leo welcomed 3 traditional tricolor bernedoodles on October 16. They are absolute perfection. 

Sofia and King blessed us with 14 mini bernedoodles on October 22! This is a repeat litter and their pups are just incredible! There will likely be availability in this litter due to the large size. 

Tatum and Leo welcomed 12 Reverse Bernedoodles on November 10. These puppies are the start of our Ultra Bernedoodle program, and we can't wait to document their journey on social media. Be sure you follow along so you can see their colors and learn more about this unique cross.

Dutton was bred to Harley (pictured here) medium F1 bernedoodles and that is a confirmed pregnancy. She is due early December, so pups will likely be ready for their new homes the first week of February. 

We have updated out Litter Plans section on the Adoptions Page, so be sure to check out who has been bred and all their litter details! Submit your application and reserve your spot on the master list for a chance in these litters. 


We can finally announce our NEW ONLINE SWAG STORE IS LIVE!!! This has been something our families have wanted for a while, and I couldn't be more proud to say our quality and comfortable apparel is now able to be ordered and shipped directly to our families. There is old AND NEW content- all of your favorites plus some new ones you are sure to love just as much OR MORE. Happy shopping! We will be adding more items as we find quality products to add. Thank you for your support and loving our program so much to ask for this fun addition FOR YOU!

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