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Our waitlist is temporarily closed again.

We would like to thank everyone for the overwhelming response we had when reopening our waitlist. At this time, we are continuing to work through the applications we have already received and are scheduling phone interviews with those families. If there is still availability in our anticipated early 2022 litters, we will again reopen the waitlist for everyone. We truly appreciate your patience and interest in our program.

We are the Tritz family.  Our first Berner, Tillie, is the most loving dog we have ever known.

We’re Travis and Jessica Tritz. We live in Vesper WI on a 60 acre cranberry marsh with our 6 young children and growing dog family!


We fell in love with the Bernese Mountain Dog (BMD) breed after having a heartbreaking experience with our first family dog. When our son was bit by our malamute, we vowed to never  again bring a dog into our family that we thought might hurt someone.


After years of healing and countless hours of research, we knew we'd found the right breed for our family: the Bernese Mountain Dog.  Our first Berner, Tillie, makes anyone who meets her fall in love with the breed.

We knew we wanted to add a Standard Poodle to our family after we learned how intelligent, playful, and sweet they are.  Having Willow around is like having another child in the house! She makes us laugh every day.


Since deciding to expand our small program, we have had the joy of adding additional Berners to our family and love each as much as the last. It’s amazing how similar they all can be, which only reinforces our love for this incredible breed. Although our house has more dog hair in it than ever, we couldn’t be happier because our hearts (and laps!!) are full!


As we continue our passion of breeding purebred BMD’s, we are also thoroughly enjoying also breeding the perfect cross of these two breeds: the Bernedoodle.


Current and Planned Litters for 2021

Get ready for puppies in 2021!

Nola and Prince welcomed puppies on March 31. You can see lots of cute videos and pictures of their litter on Facebook. 

Alexa was bred to Lambeau and is due July 3 with F1 bernedoodles if all goes well! We had to change our plans and postpone her purebred litter 6 months. Although we're sad to not have purebred puppies again soon, we are THRILLED to see their litter! We just adore these two and their puppies will be INCREDIBLE!!! Merle and Merle Tricolor F1 bernedoodles expected.

Magnolia was bred to Finely and we are hopeful to have a litter of small F1B bernedoodles mid July! Please read our most recent newsletter for pictures and information on Finley. We still have to update our "Dogs" page with his info. 

Willow was bred to Duke and they should also be having puppies mid-July! It will be an exciting time! This will be Willow's final litter. They produce the most adorable sable tricolor F1 bernedoodles. 

We are still waiting on Harper and Ellie to come into heat. Harper is due any day and Ellie should be coming in soon! Harper will be bred to Finely as well for F1B bernedoodles and Ellie will be bred to Lambeau for full size standard F1B bernedoodles.