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Thank you for your interest in our guardian program opportunities! Here at CWB we strive to keep our dogs and puppies happiness and health in the forefront of everything we do. It's very important that we respect our dogs and that they live fulfilling lives filled with love! Our Guardian Program allow us to ensure all that future breeding dogs are cherished family members who receive individualized attention. By keeping our own number of pets to a minimum, we have room in our home and our hearts for the frequent visits from our breeding dogs!!! 


When we place a puppy in a guardian home, that family receives the dog for free (minus a $500 deposit refunded after the dog passes his/her health testing) and remains their lifelong family member. Females typically begin being active members of our breeding program around one and a half years of age and retire around age 3-5 years. Families are also are compensated with each litter or have their choice of a puppy back from her last litter! This is a very unique way to receive a Pick of the Litter puppy and potentially a second dog free of charge! Our male stud dogs are a lot easier in many ways- they just rendezvous here for breeding purposes on either a daily basis or stay with us during the dams most fertile window (usually for 4-5 days.) We couldn't do this without the amazing support and love that our guardians give our dogs!         

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    - Guardian homes are specifically chosen by CWB on a case by case basis. Temperament is a huge factor when choosing the right family for the right dog, so we only place puppies we feel are a good fit. Guardian families must be willing to communicate with CWB, train the dog in a safe and respectful way, and provide a loving and stable home. 

    - CWB is responsible for any breeding related costs and additional healthcare needs/support, however routine care and maintenance is the responsibility of the guardian family. For example- routine vet visits, monthly preventative medicines, all grooming costs and food is the responsibility of the guardians. CWB covers additional nutrition for pregnant dogs, covers all vet visits related to health testing and also the dog's spay/neuter procedure after retirement. 

    - Females are usually active members of the breeding program from around 1.5 years of age until around age 3-4. Males typically retire after their 5th birthday. 

    - Guardian families always have an OPEN DOOR POLICITY AT CWB! That means that the dogs can be boarded here anytime (as long as we have room) and families can come visit the puppies anytime their dog is here to whelp. We encourage families to be involved in as much of the breeding process as they desire, but following along with the litters is truly the most fun part! All guardians have access to each litter's PRIVATE Facebook group so that they can check in on their dog and see the puppies' growth and development!

    - Families must:

                ~ Have or be willing to have a fenced in yard or purchase a HALO dog collar through our affiliate program. Underground fencing is allowed on a case by case basis. Our dogs' safety is our number one goal and the SAFEST route is always a physical barrier. 

                ~ Live within 2 hours of Vesper, WI

                ~ Be willing to have the dog stay at CWB for breeding and/or whelping 

                ~ Communicate and function as an active member of our TEAM!

                ~ Be able to take quality photos of the dog to share 


Occasionally we add a new dog and will offer a hybrid guardianship opportunity. In this situation, the guardian family will pay one flat fee for the dog (typically half the price of a puppy,) and she will remain in our program for HALF the duration a typical typical guardian dog. This unique guardianship allows families to still have Pick of the Litter quality dogs AND be an integral part of our program so they can be involved in the process firsthand, however, the commitment is much shorter. 


Please review all of the following documents as they will likely answer many questions you have regarding what to expect. For female guardianship, pay special attention to the contract, testing and breeding information! It will go over the responsibilities and process for females in our program, which are definitely the bigger commitment in terms of our guardianship. 





Lives in Waukesha, WI



Lives in WI Rapids, WI

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Lives in Pittsville, WI



Lives in Eau Claire, WI



Lives in WI Rapids, WI

A dream come true, I met Jess through a job shadow and started working for her. I never imagined getting an opportunity like this- Tatum, my guardian dog, is the most gorgeous and well-behaved dog ever. I am so lucky to be a part of the CWB guardian program and even luckier to be hands on with each and every one of our pups when they are born! Jess is so helpful and amazing. I love knowing that Tatum is going to such a wonderful place to have her babies and will be loved just as much there as she is at home. 

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