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In 2023, we started our very own advanced puppy training program! We had 16 puppies remain with us for our Transitional Training Program (TTP) in our first year, and the feedback has been incredible! Over 20% of our adoptive families opted for additional support and capitalized on this head start at basic obedience and skills training we offer! As a first year in implementation, our success with this program has been outstanding!!!


This structured extension of our breeding program allows puppies time to adjust to life in a highly structured, one-on-one environment while they begin basic skills training. We base our training off our own personal experiences and knowledge as well as the professional training program designed by Baxter & Bella. Our adaptation, as well as the continued support and work of our adoptive families, has lead to successful adoptions with less stress during this important transitional period in Puppy's life. 


Our mission here at CWB is to ensure that every adoption is successful. We measure success in an adoption partly by how the puppy adjusts to his/her new environment and by how comfortable and happy Puppy is in their new home. A huge key to success in that adjustment is a well-prepared and knowledgeable trainer, who can have concise rule and expectations in their home. The happiest puppies are those who understand clearly what their boundaries are, and have their needs met IN ORDER. For puppies- their needs in order are : 1: Rules and Expectations; 2: Mental and Physical Exercise; and 3: Love and Attention. At CWB, we teach our puppies those rules and expectations and enforce them EVERY DAY, but the work doesn't end when they leave the nursery! A huge part of our education is also ensuring that our families understand how to implement that same structure into their own home as well.

Our beginner puppy school is based off of a highly structured schedule, where we utilize bonding and trust to teach puppy how to communicate with the trainer. We introduce common commands and phrases and each day we build off of the previous progress made. By the end of our Transitional Training, these puppies are consistently doing all commands as asked and are sleeping through the night in their crate!


We have seen how beneficial our extended training is, especially following our highly structured 8 week puppy curriculum here at CWB. We look forward to many more puppy graduates in the future of our TTP, and can't wait to work with your new puppy in the future! It has always been and will always be our mission to ensure that ALL OF OUR PUPPIES go on to live happy, well-adjusted lives. We are thankful for the continued success with the puppies from our traditional adoptions and also those who have capitalized on the added benefits of our extended-stay training. 

New in 2024, we are thrilled to have additional training (and boarding!) opportunities for ALL PUPPIES. These new extensive training programs are designed to continue from where our TTP leaves off or help support families who may need a boost with their training as puppy ages! 


CWB Training Opportunities



Our Transitional Training Follows BAXTER & Bella's

First Week Together


Basic Training 



Extend puppy's stay in training OR come back for a total refresher as puppy completes 

BAXTER & Bella's Intermediate Training


$100 credit for TTP graduates!



This fully customizable training option is designed for pups of all abilities. Whether it's just for the work day or an overnight adventure, send your puppy away with comfort knowing he/she will be loved and engaged in a highly structured environment.



We began our Transitional Training Program (TTP) in 2023 and have seen just the most incredible progress in our puppy graduates so far! These puppies remain with us after Homecoming Day for an additional 10 days of individualized training. The amount of skills they gain, the confidence they build, and the joy we have with them for this extended stay has been wonderful! Our training program is capable of having 6-8 puppies at a time. Since space is limited, be sure to save puppy's spot when you commit to a specific litter. 


During this time, we will be working with your puppy on:

-basic manners and obedience 

-common language/commands such as sit, down, stay, come, ok, kennel

-leash walking

-crate training 

-potty training

-name association and recall

-grooming care confidence

Our goal is to make puppy's transition to your home go as smoothly as possible. You get to avoid the first few loud and messy days of puppy and potty training, while we teach puppy a whole new routine. We will work on setting the foundation for you to build off of once puppy goes home. Please understand that you will still have to support puppy during the transition and keep up our routine, but that's why we are HIGHLY ENCOURAGING ALL FAMILIES who choose our Transitional Training Program (and especially those who don't) to enroll in Baxter & Bella! Using B&B, you will be able to continue moving forward with puppy's training and build off of all that puppy learns in our puppy school. Plus, as a CWB family, you can save 25% off the one-time membership fee, which is truly an incredible value at a reasonable price! Promo code: CWBERNEDOODLES


Together we can empower your puppy to have confidence, feel loved, and take on new experiences with ease! Be sure to ask if there is availability when you commit to a specific litter for adoption. Our training program is offered on a first come-first serve basis and has limited availability. Families will receive daily updates (journal entry with pics and/or videos), a training report card at completion, and a Skills Showcase video to refer back to and show off puppy's amazing progress and abilities!

Cost: $1000

*IF YOU ARE ON OUR MASTER WAITLIST, YOU DO NOT NEED TO SUBMIT A RESERVATION REQUEST! We will know all this information already and you can reserve your spot in our TTP when you commit to one of our litters. 

Transitional Training

Transitional Training Reviews & Showcase Videos

We have had just the most incredible puppies stay for our intensive training and love watching them excel. Our families are blown away with how much they learn and how easily the transition home. Don't just take our word for it though- here's what some of our families have had to say so far! 

“Merle’s training has been more valuable than we’d hoped. He’s a genius thanks to his work with Halle!! We appreciated the daily skills update and especially the photos she provided. (It’s difficult to leave a new puppy behind and it meant a lot to hear how he was doing and see photos on a daily basis.)

In addition, we loved how closely the Baxter & Bella training was followed; this will be a huge help as we continue with Merle’s training. We truly appreciate your program and we know Merle does too!!

"We consider ourselves to be so fortunate to have our puppy – Luna – participate in the Baxter and Bella training provided by Central Wisconsin Bernedoodles. We received daily training updates and videos so always able to see her progress and note the words being used in her training. Jessica has been an incredible resource for everything we will need to be new puppy parents."

Additional Videos of ALL CWB Transitional Training graduates are available on our YouTube Channel. See link in button below. 




This continuation of training is best suited for puppies who have completed our TTP and would like to remain in training to continue skills development. Families who bundle TTP with R&R Camp save on the total training package and will ultimately have the best success in training! However, it's never too late to take advantage of this amazing course where we will reinforce Basic Skills Training and begin Intermediate Skills Training. When Puppy leaves R&R Camp, he/she will be more calm, respectful and skilled. In addition to basic manners and obedience, we will work with Puppy on distractions, door manners, recall and socialization. Pups will adventure out with the trainer and practice these new skills in real life settings as they work, train and visit local businesses while they're here! This training is 100% customizable based on Puppy's individual skills level coming into this training program. Keep in mind it is NEVER TOO LATE TO TRAIN YOUR DOG- so we accept dogs of all ages in this training program.

We run camps as a group monthly, and to learn more about upcoming camp dates, please submit a reservation request and a team member will be in touch. 

Rate: $2000/20 days     ($100 credit for TTP graduates!)

Reset & Revamp Camp
Board & Train



If you are seeking the support of someone to work with Puppy in your absence, this shorter duration training option may be the best fit! This basic level package is designed to work with puppies as a group who simply need reinforcement, socialization, exercise, and boarding in a loving environment while you are away.

*PLEASE NOTE: Puppy must pass our intake interview and questionnaire and do well independently in a closed crate for short durations during the day and over night, if applicable. 

Daily Rate (8AM- 5PM): $85/day

Daily Rate, including overnight stay: $100/day

Bonus Board & Train:

        ~ THREE- 15 minute 1:1 training sessions daily to work with Puppy on skills review and/or teach skills selected from the BAXTER & Bella A la Carte list

        ~ Includes one complementary 10 minute session with the trainer to review skills!

Rate: $125/day


Training Guideline

Depending on the training program you are selecting, we will be utilizing BAXTER & Bella's recommended training schedule. Puppies in our Transitional Training Program (TTP) will complete the first 2 sections. Puppies working through our Reset & Revamp (R&R) camp will either review Basic Training if they have completed our TTP OR first work through TTP and then continue through Intermediate Training. All training candidates must have an intake interview completed prior to any reservations can be made. We assess every puppy that is here for training and adjust their curriculum based on skill level and abilities. For pups who have a firm grasp on all of these skills, additional "A la Carte" training options may be added if time allows. The Advanced Training and Just For Fun sections of B&B highlight those additional "A la Carte" skills available and may be added by request and with approval by the trainer. For details regarding availability, please submit our questionnaire and we will reach out to schedule your intake interview. 

TTP & R&R Combined

A la Carte skills


CWB Training Gallery

We have loved working with every single puppy that has stayed with us for training! While they are here, we often add pictures/videos to our Stories section on Facebook/Instagram, so be sure you follow along daily on social media to see countless other adorable training photos!

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