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We are EXSTATIC about the addition of Ultra Bernedoodles to our breeding program. This shift has been in the making for some time, and to have our first pups here feels like a dream come true. Our mission is to choose pairs with THE BEST BMD QUALITIES AND TRAITS to create Bernedoodles that are genetically a higher percentage of BMD. These puppies will be more similar to BMDs in structure and temperament, but many will have the same hypoallergenic and low-shedding qualities that people love about all bernedoodles. Our Ultras will be highly human-focused, laidback and incredibly intelligent puppies!

Depending on the pair, some of these pups will be furnished, fully furnished or unfurnished. For the average pet owner, this becomes a very complicated genetics lesson that I am happy to go over during our phone interview! It is important to note that ALL BMD's are Unfurnished, and it is because of that reason that they shed and are not a good option for those who have allergies. Basically, most families who want a bernedoodle come to us because they have allergies or they can't deal with the shorter lifespan or the shedding of BMD's.  For those families, a furnished bernedoodle (one that has one copy of furnishings) is a great option! Families who have VERY SEVERE allergies should always consider adopting a bernedoodle that is FULLY furnished (has 2 copies of furnishings.) There is the lowest possibility of having an adverse reaction to these pups. Some of our Ultra bernedoodles will be what is referred to as unfurnished (NO copies of furnishings,) therefore, these pups will shed and are NOT a good option for families with allergies. 

At the end of the day, we LOVE ALL OUR BERNEDOODLE crosses and helping you find the one that BEST SUITS YOUR NEEDS and desires is my favorite part! I love being here to guide you along that journey. Don't hesitate to reach out so I can go all science crazy with you! (Have an hour or two, over coffee?!)


As you are doing your research, the following information will help break down the different crosses of our Ultra Bernedoodles, but keep in mind every litter pair will produce a slightly different outcome. I am a huge Science Geek who LOVES the genetics that goes into breeding! I'm always here to go over those specifics by request and have tried to keep this as simple as possible to not confuse and over-complicate the genetics of Ultra Bernedoodles! 

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Which  ultra bernedoodle cross is right for you??



Reverse bernedoodles are 75% Bernese Mountain Dog and 25% poodle. This cross is incredibly unique, because about half of their pups will be similar to your typical bernedoodle and the others similar to purebred Bernese Mountain Dogs (BMDs.) The reason for this cross is to produce a bernedoodle that is the MOST SIMILAR in temperament to a BMD, but for those who cannot have a BMD for any number of reasons. This pair can produce BOTH Furnished AND Unfurnished bernedoodles. See the Reverse Bernedoodles section to learn more about how those two types of bernedoodles are different. 


-higher percentage BMD than poodle

-more diversity in colors

-can produce 100% fully furnished, so the most allergy friendly and least likely to shed 

-medium-mini sizes possible

-generally more laidback disposition

-same traits we love about all bernedoodles: highly trainable, athletic, friendly

-depending on the pairing, there can also be unfurnished puppies produced in a multigenerational litter, therefore having smaller unfurnished opportunities

Bernedoodle sizes



Statistically speaking, these bernedoodles are 75% Bernese Mountain Dog and 25% poodle.

The 2 types of puppies produced in this pair are:


-look just like your typical F1 bernedoodles with a wavy coat, and full face whiskers and shaggy tail

-typically the biggest Ultra's we can produce

-similar grooming needs to F1 bernedoodles


-look very similar to a BMD and therefore have less grooming needs and an easier coat to manage on a daily basis

-added health benefits compared to BMD's

-longer lifespan than BMD's

-increased athleticism

More detailed information regarding this cross:

The one “drawback” for some of the pups from this cross is that statistically half of these pups are what is referred to as ‘unfurnished.’ Typically when people are drawn to doodles of any kind, they are drawn to their hypoallergenic and low-shedding characteristics. Those traits come from a dog’s furnishings. For a family to choose an unfurnished Bernedoodle as their family pet, they must understand the true nature of the cross! A good breeder will educate families on the details of this cross, and it’s quickly becoming a popular type of Bernedoodle due to great education reaching more of YOU!

Unfurnished Bernedoodles are an amazing choice for someone who has always wanted a BMD but is afraid of their giant breed size, shorter lifespan from years of bad breeding and awful health issues (thankfully good breeding is improving that too!!), and high shedding qualities (sorry, can’t ever change that in a purebred .) Uniquely an unfurnished Bernedoodle should live longer, stay smaller, and shed less than a BMD! They also have a coat that’s easier to manage - with less brushing needed, doesn’t mat as easily and require less frequent trips to the groomer! Pretty awesome all around!!


With this being a relatively new cross for our program, we do have a handful of photos we have been collecting of this cross and will continue to add to it as they age. If you are looking for additional photos of older unfurnished bernedoodles, feel free to inquire via text. I might have new ones saved on my phone! As you are looking through the photos, you will notice how similar they truly are the purebred BMD's. Some of these pups have very straight and flat coats vs some have more thick or even wavy coats. It is really incredible to see the variations in coat texture as well as color when adding in the opportunity for MERLE pups!


All of our furnished ultra bernedoodles look very similar to our F1 bernedoodles. Because this is a cross we just started in our program and all of the following ultra bernedoodles are from Tatum and Leo's Reverse bernedoodle litter. They had incredible traditional and merle color patterns. Look how much they resemble our F1 pups!


Older Pups

Watch them grow up in pictures!

We were fortunate to be able to spend additional time with 3 of our unfurnished Ultras, Betty, Bear and Mozzie, as well as their furnished brother, Phin. These four pups came back for our Reset & Revamp Training program when they were around 20- 26 weeks old. We absolutely fell in love with them all over again, and their temperament was exactly what we had hoped it would be. 


They were affectionate and sweet like purebred BMD's and crazy smart like typical bernedoodles. You can see the differences in their coats as they age, especially. Each day and every adventure was a memorable one with these incredible puppies.

Scroll through some of our training adventures to see more photos of how beautifully they are developing. Included are some photos from when they were just babies to show their progression. :)

Also included are some pictures of Meadow and Avi- our 2 up and coming Ultra bernedoodles. These girls are both  Furnished reverse F1b's as well, just from different litters. 

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