Prior to breeding, all dogs must pass complete physicals and are genetically cleared for hereditary diseases.  All of our dogs come from bloodlines with good health and longevity.

Our dogs are all members of our family and raised around children, other dogs and a cat daily.  We thoroughly enjoy spending time with them on our 60 acre cranberry marsh, where they are living the dream of catching critters, getting dirty, sunbathing on the beach, paddle boarding and going for boat rides on the reservoir. We have recently expanded our program to include outside stud dogs, but we are HIGHLY selective in those we have chosen. All the dogs in our program are family pets and represent the best qualities of both the Bernese and Poodle breeds.


We feed our dogs quality dog food, eggs and meat in addition to NuVet Vitamins daily to ensure proper growth and development.  


As important as it is for us to produce healthy puppies, we place an equal amount of emphasis on breeding for good temperament. We only breed dogs that have impeccable temperaments and have never shown any signs of aggression.




This is Lambeau, our PHENOMENAL Merle tricolor standard poodle! His temperament is just as incredible as his external beauty. Lambeau's favorite past time is snuggling at my feet and is just the most laid back and gentle boy a family could ask for. He has developed absolutely beautifully, with solid conformation and structure. He's fully grown at 59 pounds. We are so excited to be adding Lambeau's unique coloring to our Bernedoodle Program as he produces the most INCREDIBLE traditional tricolor and merle TRICOLOR puppies! Visit his personal Facebook Page or Instagram for pictures of puppies that he has sired! 

Lambeau is fully health tested and available for stud service to approved outside breeding programs. AKC Registered, 59.6# , 25” tall. Genetically CLEAR, OFA Good Prelims, Normal elbows, heart and patella. Colors: AtAt, KyKy, SpSp, BB, EmEm Mm.



Ace in the Hole (aka: Chip) is our AKC chocolate tricolor moyen poodle. I fell in love with the brown eyes and perfect tan points on day one and he as done nothing but impress us even more as he develops! He is social, a fast-learner, loves children and snuggling and is eager to please. Watching this boy run and play is a favorite pastime! He is so elegant and has a gaited cantor like a horse! It's incredible!


He has matured beautifully and weighs just under 30 pounds. Chip  will be used for our Mini Bernedoodle Program and will produce the most perfect variety of traditional tricolor, chocolate tricolor and tricolor parti F1B bernedoodles. You can follow all his fun adventures with his guardian family on Instagram. He is available for outside stud service to approved breeding programs. AKC Registered, 29#, 19.5" tall. Genetically CLEAR (including IVDD/CDPA) fully furnished with no weak furnishings, OFA Good Prelims, Normal elbows, heart and patella. Colors: AtAt, KyKy, SpSp, bb, EE. Carries intense red with 9 out of 10 subloci being red.


Leo is hands down the sweetest, goofiest, most gentle, laid-back and loving Bernese Mountain Dog we’ve ever met. His temperament is unparalleled in all of our Berners, and wherever he goes, he makes people fall in love with this breed. Leo absolutely loves playing with toys, especially anything that squeaks! His guardian family lovingly calls him the ‘class clown’ and  ‘a giant toddler’ who constantly reminds you to enjoy life on a daily basis. To see countless pictures of him enjoying life, be sure to follow him on Instagram

Not only is he absolutely perfect in demeanor, he is a genetic unicorn when it comes to BMD’s. Leo is genetically clear of EVERYTHING, including DM, Sod1B, Von Willebrand's Disease, and Embark’s comprehensive disease panel. He has OFA Good Prelims, normal elbows. Heart and patellas are normal as well. His beautiful conformation and athletic structure make him the perfect stud for purebred BMD’s and bernedoodles. 


AKC registered, Brazilian import with European lines, including Stokerybos. 100 pounds. Already proven and available for stud service via fresh shipped semen or live cover to approved females. 




Harper came to us in 2020 and has grown into just the sweetest, most playful and gentle dog in the pack! This girl LOVES to play with a ball- she will toss it to herself and bat it around the house for hours. She is a quick learner and loves to please. Those eyes get me every time. 

Harper weighs 30 pounds and is AKC registered. She has OFA Good hips and normal heart and patella. She has given us just the sweetest and prettiest F1B mini Bernedoodles, and will continue to be one of our Mini Mommas in 2022!


Magnolia is our stunning AKC brindle parti poodle. She has a VERY sweet and gentle disposition! She's wonderful with kids as well as all other animals and her happy tail is always wagging. She was by far the easiest puppy to train, because she is just SO SMART! Maggie loves to chase the cat, play fetch, go for long walks on the marsh and be anywhere her "pack" is. She's curious about everything and loves to try new things. Her temperament matches her phenomenal brindle coloring, and we could not be happier with her in any way!


Maggie weighs 44 pounds and has remained more petite than anticipated, which we love! Maggie will be used for F1B Mini Bernedoodles as well as small standard (medium) F1 Bernedoodles. She is Genetically clear and has Good Hips, normal heart and patellas.  She produces the most incredible sable, brindle,  and traditional tricolor puppies.


Nola is our beautiful, up and coming Bernese mountain dog.  We are thrilled to announce she will be having her first litter of bernedoodles in 2020.  Nola is all spunk and play but so sweet with our kids and just wants to be on top of you giving kisses 24/7.  She's from incredible bloodlines, and we just love how she is developing.


She is affectionately named the "horse" in our family due to her beautiful long build! Weighing 90 pounds, she is proportional and perfect in every way. Our life is better with her in it.

Nola has produced some of the most incredible F1 Bernedoodles so far! (We are lucky to own one of her pups, Sofia!!) She will continue to be bred to Lambeau for F1 Bernedoodles in 2022. For countless pictures and videos of their past puppies, visit our Facebook page and check out their albums!


Alexa is my dream come true!  I have always wanted to import a puppy from Poland, and in January of 2020 that dream was realized!  She is just the most perfect dog I could have asked for! From the moment I first had her in my arms, she was SO SWEET- giving kisses freely and wanting to snuggle on my lap.  She’s been that way ever since. She is a total people person and loves to be where ever you are- even if you're on the lay-z-boy and it's not fit for a human and a large dog! HA Personal space doesn't exist with this girl and the more she can love you, the happier she is. 

Alexa is AKC registered and DNA health testing is complete. OFA Hips- Good (Finals) and Elbows, normal. Normal Heart and Patellas. DM carrier, VWD clear, Sod1B pending. She will produce amazing Full- size F1 Bernedoodles with Lambeau and also contribute to our Purebred Program when paired beautifully with Leo to produce 100% imported offspring.


Ellie is our beautiful F1 traditional tricolor bernedoodle. She is SO SWEET, a total goofball outside, incredibly smart, and is simply stunning! Her coat feels like silk and she has the most gorgeous Muppet head of hair! She is a total love bug and attention hog. She is happiest when giving hugs or snuggling on the couch with you. The temperament testing results from the  puppies she had with Lambeau had the best therapy dog testing scores in all the puppies we have produced here at CWB! If you're looking for an amazing therapy dog, their full-size F1B pups are wonderful options!

Ellie weighs 70 pounds and is fully health tested and genetically clear. OFA Good hips, elbows normal with normal heart, eyes and thyroid. She will contribute to our F1B Bernedoodle Program