Prior to breeding, all dogs must pass complete physicals and are genetically cleared for hereditary diseases.  All of our dogs come from bloodlines with good health and longevity.

Our dogs are all members of our family and raised around children, other dogs and a cat daily.  We thoroughly enjoy spending time with them on our 60 acre cranberry marsh, where they are living the dream of catching critters, getting dirty, sunbathing on the beach, paddle boarding and going for boat rides on the reservoir. We have recently expanded our program to include outside stud dogs, but we are HIGHLY selective in those we have chosen. All the dogs in our program are family pets and represent the best qualities of both the Bernese and Poodle breeds.


We feed our dogs quality dog food, eggs and meat in addition to NuVet Vitamins daily to ensure proper growth and development.  


As important as it is for us to produce healthy puppies, we place an equal amount of emphasis on breeding for good temperament. We only breed dogs that have impeccable temperaments and have never shown any signs of aggression.




Duke is our handsome male Bernese Mountain Dog.  He is a gentle giant and loves to play outside.  Our kids ride him around like a horse, and although he is a wonderful watchdog, he doesn't have a mean bone in his body!  Everyone who meets him falls in love with his sweet nature and big, beautiful head!  He is VERY smart, knows lots of tricks and has sired many incredible BMD's.  He comes from a mixture of American and imported European lines. 

Duke weighs 105 pounds and is fully health tested.  His heart and eyes are normal. He is AKC registered and his Bernergarde number is 136721.​ Duke is used for our Sable Tricolor Bernedoodles and Purebred BMDs. He is also available for outside stud service to approved, small breeding programs. 


This is Poppy (Gulla’s Mosaic Kaleidoscope), the PHENOMENAL Merle tricolor standard poodle! He has the sweetest temperament and is very trainable.  He makes constant eye contact and loves to please.  He has very nice conformation & beautiful movement.

 Poppy has OFA prelim Good Hips & Normal Elbows Poppy is clear for DM, N.E.W.S, Exercise Induced Colapse, MDR1, Vwd 1 & over 150 other diseases through Mars Optimal Selection. He is clear for PRA/PRCD by parentage.

We are so excited to be adding Poppy's unique coloring to our Bernedoodle Program and should produce traditional tricolor, phantom ticolor, tri-merle, phantom merle puppies! He is the full half brother of our future puppy we that will be joining the CWB family this summer! Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Facebook for updates on his growth and development as well as updates on our new puppy. (Poppy is owned by Kim Gulla, Gulla's Standard Poodles.)


Roscoe is a very handsome phantom Standard Poodle; and he knows it.  He is laid back, loyal, courteous, and curious. He is intelligent beyond expectations, often anticipating and performing commands before they are given. With all the confidence in the world he is gentle, playful, and loving towards people and other animals.


At 58 pounds, he is nearly done growing and developing very nicely. He is genetically clear of all genetic diseases. Rosco will be used for our Full-size Standard Bernedoodle Program and will produce Traditional Tricolor and Phantom Bernedoodles.


Denali was born Poland - he is 115 pounds and is a big teddy bear! He always wants to be loved on- loves everyone and doesn’t know a stranger. He lives in Colorado with his owner who is also a trainer and her family. He loves to be in the mountains and with family all the time! He lives on a 5 acres homestead with many other dogs/puppies and free roams the entire property everyday. He is pretty lazy most of the time and gets tired easily. He is spoiled by his family and training staff.  His pedigree is filled with show dogs of European origin and his Father was champion of Poland. Mom has won many awards in the show ring as well. 

Denali is fully health tested and clear of all diseases commonly found in the Bernese breed. His heart and yes are normal as well. He will be paired with Alexa  for our Purebred Program.  (He is owned by Amanda Kramer, Iron Will Training)