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All of our puppies are raised using Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) and Puppy Culture Protocol to give them the best start in life. We also base much of our developmental exposure activities off of a program by Jeanette Forrey, Called The Ultimate Badass Breeder's Guide. Her program gives breeders the tools to raise pups on an advanced puppy curriculum that promotes HAPPY, STABLE AND EMPOWERED puppies! From the moment our puppies are born, they are handled daily by the breeder (Jessica), our CWB teammates, friends and family who come to visit and help socialize. They are exposed to a variety of sights, sounds, smells and tastes on a regular basis. By teaching these puppies that all these experiences are a normal part of life from the very beginning, it helps them better adapt to stress and changes and new situations over the course of their life! We are the only breeder in the Midwest that has 24/7 care for our puppies. In doing so, we are able to watch over our fragile newborns and ensure their safety in those first couple weeks and also provide structured curriculum time and attention to older our litters. We feel our adult dogs and our puppies deserve this dedicated time and attention, which we enjoy sharing with our adoptive families through the use of social media. 

Our HIGHLY STRUCTURED PUPPY CURRICULUM begins when the puppies are 3 days old and continues until they meet their families at 8 weeks of age. The focus of our program is to raise not only HEALTHY puppies but also puppies who can adjust and adapt in the REAL WORLD to be happy and playful loving members of your family. We understand the importance of early exposure and incorporate an extensive list of different stimuli into their daily care. The best part of our puppy curriculum is that OUR FAMILIES GET TO BE A PART OF IT, TOO! Through the use of our private litter Facebook groups, we can showcase all the different milestones these puppies go through in the countless pictures and videos we share. Puppies change SO QUICKLY, and each stage of development brings newfound joy and laughter that we pass along to our families on a daily basis. Based on the feedback we consistently get- our families absolutely LOVE this part of our adoption process! 

We raise both Bernedoodles and purebred Bernese Mountain Dogs. We just love our little fluff balls and personally experience the joy of owning a Bernedoodle AND Bernese Mountain Dogs. Their sweet disposition, easy-going temperament and loyalty is unparalleled in any other breed. It's no surprise that they are becoming one of the most popular doodle breeds!


Striving to be better!

We proudly follow the BAB program.

Over the years we have taken our program to new levels, but we have always had one goal in mind- breeding THE BEST family dogs. It will always be our mission to raise healthy, well-rounded and socialized puppies and to give them and their families all the tools needed to have a successful and happy life! The BAB Program combined with the support of its base is empowering breeders like us to not only reach our goals, but EXCEED THEM!



We're THRILLED with the addition of our NEW PUPPY GYM for enrichment activities!

Our nursery is a space we are very proud of. When I was designing a space I wanted to raise puppies in, I wanted it to be welcoming, clean, feel like a home and tranquil. I call the nursery "my happy place" and it continues to bring joy to all those who step through our doors.


Each momma has her own whelping room, which she begins getting settled into about 5 days prior to her due date. She has access to her own space within her whelping room for taking breaks from her puppies when needed, and our live feed security cameras allow us 24/7 access to watch over her and her pups during those initial, critical days and weeks especially. 

As the puppies get older, their whelping area expands and mom spends less time devoted to her puppies. We slowly begin introducing toys into their whelping area and expand their exposures each week. Each litter has access to our Puppy Gym, with a wide variety of activities to challenge them, explore and enjoy. 

State of the Art Nursery

We take great pride in having a space dedicated to our dogs and their comfort. When designing our nursery space, we wanted to crate an atmosphere that was as peaceful for our dogs as it was for us. This state of the art nursery is equipped with 5 whelping suites- 3 designed for newborn puppies and 2 for older litters in our "overflow additions." Each dam has her own private area, where she has access to her puppies 24/7 without any threat of other dogs near her or her puppies, which is a real concern with new moms. They prefer to be in a quiet, secluded space so that 100% of their focus can be on the health and wellbeing of their new puppies. We can access each whelping suite via a see-through gate and also via our live stream security cameras. Each whelping suite has a separate area for the dam to take breaks from her puppies outside the whelping box when the puppies are less than 3 weeks old, and then a divided section as the puppies age. Exhaust fans keep our nursery smelling fresh and clean, while maintaining a healthy air quality as well. Puppies are kept at a safe temperature by thermoregulated heaters/AC units and heating pads. This warm, happy and clean space allows us and our dams comfort when we spend 24/7 with them over the first 2 weeks, keeping close watch over her and her fragile puppies. 

We have 2 washer and dryer sets to keep our linens fresh and clean, a retro fridge for a home-like and welcoming feel, and indoor/outdoor access points to access our closed system environment for everyone's safety. In 2022 we added onto our original nursery, and created what we lovingly refer to as the Dog Den. This added space allows us to have a complete grooming station with dog wash and fold-down grooming table, additional storage and secondary washer/dryer. We also have a designated picture taking space for our weekly photo shoots and photo prop storage, an office area, our FAMOUS PUPPY GYM, overflow whelping rooms for older litters, adult dog kennels and storage. This addition has been just an incredible use of space and all who enter our facility comment on how welcoming and clean, fun and effective our nursery is at offering our puppies THE BEST start to life.


Our breeding facility is unlike any other in the state, and allow us to work with our puppies in a way unlike any other breeder.  When we set out on this journey, our focus was and will always be to breed dogs in an environment that we love, in an enriching way, while building relationships with families. Our process, this nursery space, and these relationships have brought so much joy to us and our families. Our mission to support successful adoptions by raising empowered, well-socialized and healthy puppies couldn't be possible without this incredible nursery area. THIS SPACE has allowed us to continue that mission, and we look forward to having you visit our facility when you come to pick up your puppy!


Additional nursery photos and our puppies in action!!

We have a lot of fun with our puppies and share tons of pictures on our Facebook page for everyone to see them in their daily life with us! Here are some pictures of playtime- learning life skills and strengthening their bodies as well as their minds. 

Videos of our Puppies