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Originally bred and used as farm/work dogs in the Swiss Alps, Bernese Mountain Dogs were used to pull carts and served as watch dogs over their farmland. They are outdoor dogs at heart, but just as content to be inside as long as they are with their people. Berners are incredibly loving, gentle giants who do not understand that they are much larger than most animals (including people) around them! Our children lay on them and ride them like a horse, which they are incredibly tolerant of and adore their affection. It is not in their nature to be shy, aggressive or anxious. They are described as being “good-natured,” “self-assured,” “placid towards strangers” and “docile,” which we can verify from our own personal experience with our Berners! We have found that this breed is highly adaptable to whatever your lifestyle is- should be a more laid back family, your Berner will require minimal activity and be happy laying low by your side. When we are active outside on our farm, they follow us everywhere- they run with me, hang out while the kids play in the yard, and love to splash in the shallows catching frogs. As long as they are able to stay cool, they are happiest when they can just BE with us, no matter the activity! 

When they were brought over to the states in the early-mid 1900’s, there were so few brought over that the breed was plagued with health concerns due to ongoing inbreeding. Breeders have been working tirelessly in recent years to improve bloodlines by adding imported lines and discontinue use of those with a history of cancer. It is our hope as breeders and owners of Berners that their longevity can continue to lengthen so that everyone who loves one of these amazing animals can do so for many years without illness! Should you choose to add a Berner to your family, we ask that you keep an open mind about their shorter average lifespan and enter into your adoption understanding this is a risk involved with any breed, but more common in Berners. They can be admittedly stubborn, but even with their health and behavior challenges, we would gladly take as many or as few days WITH our berners than life without them at all!!

We are proud to be able to produce healthier purebreds using dogs from imported European lines!


Here are some photos of our past purebred BMD puppies!


At this time, all of our spots in the current purebred BMD litter have been filled. If anything changes, we will post that availability on the website as well as on Facebook. Be sure you follow along so you can watch these beautiful pups develop and in case there are any changes within the litter. 


Estimated adult weight: 100-125#

Go Home/Selection Day: Saturday, April 6

Transitional Training dates (optional): April 8-17

Additional photos and videos for this pair are shared daily in our "Stories" feature as well as pictures and videos on Facebook and Instagram for updates! Pricing and process are available in our Application

Here are the 3 females from this pair. On Facebook, this is our "Say Cheese" Litter from Alexa and Major to see more photos as they grow.

Available BMD Puppies
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