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I am NOT a sales person, in fact, it makes me really uncomfortable!  With that said, I am also a dog owner and have had to navigate dog ownership  and training just like my families!  The countless options for dog food, supplies, insurance, training, socialization, vaccinations... the list goes on and can be VERY intimidating and overwhelming.  There are so many products out there and although every family is different in their needs and budget, I've found a handful of companies that I have grown to love and use their products myself!  Through my years of research and also trial and error, I'm sharing with you what we've found works well for our family and our CWB families! If it's listed here, it's because I have the utmost respect for either the company or products AND because I have first hand experience using these products/services.  Everything listed here we use in our home, the nursery and recommend to all adoptive families in order to streamline their decision making process and try and lighten the burden of researching and trialing everything themselves.

When families choose to adopt with us, we share our CWB Adoption Handbook, and that handbook also coaches families on how to utilize all products and services mentioned. If you are here just looking around and in need of support, feel free to email us, and we would gladly share our Handbook with you. If you are awaiting your turn on our Master Waitlist, I would encourage you to hold off ordering everything until we discus how to utilize these products/services and if they make sense for your own home/situation as our 8 weeks leading up to Homecoming Day unfolds!

Some of the products here contain affiliate links (we may be compensated a small amount if you use them) and sometimes products go out of stock/links need to be changed. If there is a product that the link isn't working, please text me so I can find you a comparable product! 715-459-5999

Hopefully this helps!

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CWB Puppy Check List! 


Many families ask for puppy item suggestions. Feel free to add your own here, but these are some things that will get you started. They truly don't need much!  You can go as crazy or as simple as you prefer! These are just some ideas to aid in the transition and products that we use and love. 

Dog crate: I like the ones that have an adjustable panel so that you can shrink it down when they're little and that have 2 doors. We use 42" and 48" crates for our 44# poodle, 65# bernedoodle, and 95# BMD. They all fit in either size, but the 48" crate definitely gives them more room to move around should they need to remain it for any extended period of time. For sleeping purposes only, the 42" is more than sufficient. Check out the dimensions and use that to research which crate you like best and will fit in your homes. It's helpful to only have to purchase one and allow puppy to grow into the space over time. Smaller breeds would be fine with the 30”-36" ones.

Collars: We do sell CWB personalized collars. They are available in black/white plaid or B/W plaid with gold accents. They’re durable and super cute! $15/each. Usually fit  our full size pups around 4 months of age. We do not have any for our minis yet. 

I LOVE these reflective starter collars, plus they're  inexpensive, durable and adjustable! (Typically puppies fit in a small first, but some mini’s might need the xs. This is one of the reasons that I go with a very inexpensive option for the first one, because they will all grow it quickly!) Most dogs need a small collar to start.


These No-Pull Collars are a total game-changer and must have for everyone! It took me years to learn about them but they make leash training SO MUCH EASIER!!!!! I don’t even use a harness anymore because of these!!! Find what works for you, but I highly recommend getting this to try!


Harness: This is an inexpensive first harness, but there are TONS of styles/brands. Remember, puppy is going to grow fast, so don't go too crazy on the first one or two. (Typically puppies fit in a small first, but some mini’s might need the xs)


Leash: I use a variety of styles depending on what I'm doing with my dog/puppy. A long thin leash is handy in the house to keep puppy close to avoid accidents/mischief. A 2 handed leash is necessary for teaching leash walking. 

2 handed leash:

Thin leash for tethering in the house:

Small lead for leash training if you did not order a no-pull collar:



Brushes: This brush is literally worth it's weight in gold: (It's an investment, but if you plan to keep the long teddy bear look, this will help you get a nice smooth coat texture!!!)

I ALWAYS use this detangler spray with my Chris C Brush (above) and it makes them feel SILKY SOFT (Just be careful! Wherever your dog lays on your smooth floor will be slippery! I speak from experience lol):

I use this on my dogs! It's cheap and effective!!! You need to use something like this brush or a metal comb ALL THE WAY TO THE SKIN, especially under the ears to avoid matting: OR

Shampoo: I LOVE the smell of this shampoo and I don't use anything else with all my dogs! It smells great, really makes their WHITE POP!!!

Our groomer uses the following products to best clean and brush all dogs: 

Bath brush:

Dual flex undercoat brush


Facial shampoo for staining

Detangler spray:

Undercoat control:

A high powered blow dryer is really helpful in blowing off dirt and sand after outdoor play. You will also want this if you plan to do any bathing in between grooming. It really helps fluff up their fur and is quite handy to keep by your back door!


Food/water dish: Food dish can be anything, unless you feel like the puppy eats too fast. If so, you can get slow-feed dishes. You will REALLY appreciate a slow drink water dish!! Tons of styles, but here are some that we use: AND

Chewing: I love Bully sticks, but they can be pretty stinky and your pet will chew through them fast. Too much can also cause diarrhea. As an itty puppy, you won't notice much of a smell and it's a great nutritional source for puppies, but as your dog ages and they consume more, you'll notice an odor.  You definitely want options, tho, so they don't chew up too many of your favorite things.  

Bully sticks (these THICK ones are the ONLY way to go! They last so much longer!):

REAL BONES: Check your local vets offices and any butcher shops/farm stores. PLEASE DON'T GIVE RAWHIDE or any cooked bones the stores sell. They're AWFUL for dogs and can cause major health concerns. Your pup's teeth will really appreciate quality bones. The bigger the better. If you have hunters in the family, fresh antlers are AMAZING!! I LOVE these elk antlers from chewy and they last forever! NEVER purchase the split ones! They are too brittle and will break off/dry out too quickly.


I love Kong/Sumo toys for filling with peanut butter to make crate training easier. There are different styles, but these are my favorite. Be sure to stock up on peanut butter! I prefer the Aldi brand. It doesn't have any bad additives that can cause diarrhea and I know it's safe from personal use!  In our house we have dog peanut butter (Aldi) and human peanut butter (JIF).  But get whatever works for you. Don't bother with the small size- order a medium or large!!



Dog food: All our bernedoodle puppies will be started on TLC Puppy Food and Bernese will go home on Royal Canin. I will send links to adoptive families or you can use the link to our TLC store on this page. RC is a little different- so just ask! I live by a "2 Bag Rule"- I always have 2 on hand, so when I open my second bag, I reorder! That way I never run short! This food is only available by delivery (which is free!!), so be sure you re-order your food if your autoship isn't soon enough!

Food storage: I store all my dog food in this bin. It's air tight and really easy to open! I'd encourage you to get something similar to preserve your food and keep puppy OUT.

*Please note- TLC food comes in 15# bags so if you only want to open one bag at a time, get the 15# bin. RC comes in 30# bags, so you’ll want the bigger bin if this litter is going home on RC or you want to put an entire case into the bin at a time. For larger breeds, this is incredibly helpful considering how fast they go through food. 


TOTALLY OPTIONAL but will make your life easier...

Play pen: Depending on how much you want to invest, having a play area for your puppy for those first few months will make your life A MILLION TIMES EASIER. You can set it up in your living room so that puppy is still a part of your daily life and routine, but don't have to constantly be watching and wondering what he's getting into and peeing/pooping on! LOL You can even get potty pads/litter box options. Piece of advice- just putting a disposable pad down will not work. They will shred it and make a huge mess of it! My suggestion if you want to go all out would be the playpen of your choice, BIG washable pads for under the whole area (depending on the size of playpen you get, you will need one or two washable pads), and a potty area of some sort. (If you are going to get a playpen, try and at least get the 42" tall panels, or they will learn to escape very quickly and easily with the shorter ones!) Here are some suggestions:


Potty area: NOT EVERYONE should set this up, but if you know you will need to leave puppy for extended periods during the day during the first couple months, you may want to invest in this system. This is our current litter box setup. We will go over this in greater detail in the Private Facebook group, but if you think you will need to utilize a litter box, this is the only one I would recommend. 

Plastic tray (necessary to keep raised shelf from slipping):

Metal shelf (necessary to keep puppy from shredding potty pad AND to allow poop to fall under):

Disposable pads for under potty tray---these fit under the litter system shown here (always be sure to tuck the non-absorbent edges UNDERNEATH):

Washable pads: THESE ARE MY FAVORITE and I've tried lots! They wash up perfectly and don't smell at all! I just add a little bleach to each wash cycle. Get the right size for whatever pen you get (typically people order the 72x72 pad)


Dog bed: Get something cheap and know you will likely wash it a few times and have to toss it after a few months!  I like to put a washable potty pad over the top and then cover it with a blanket so I can wash those things, not the bed. Puppy will likely chew up anything you give them, so don't be surprised when your favorite things get destroyed! LOL I have bought our dogs every kind of bed on the market and they find ways to destroy them all as a puppy. The 40" ones are what we have for the dogs in our home:

AND, for a raised bed I like these (These can be nice to keep them off a warm floor, if you don't have cool floors. Also helpful in teaching "place")

I love these cooling mats! You'll definitely want to invest in one of these- just watch those puppy teeth: (check the correct size for your breed)


Toys: Be REALLY careful about the toys you give your puppy. I read reviews. Do they fall apart easily? Are they highly processed treats? If they're meant to be a chew toy, how durable are they- do parts fall off fast? If they do, ALWAYS throw those immediately-- puppy teeth are razor sharp and ingesting parts of toys can be very scary.  Loose rope pieces are never a good idea. Frayed rope can be ingested and get stuck in the stomach and intestines. I like ropes that are looped back into the toy, but if those ropes become frayed, toss the toy immediately! Ropes can be a great asset for play tug of war, helping sooth teething pain, and just general play-- but always use caution. ALSO- if the toy can be rolled up and fit into a toilet paper roll, TOSS IT! That can be ingested and lead to a bowel obstruction! Never use small toys, even if they seem long enough! 

These are one of my pack's favorites:


Ear care: This is REALLY IMPORTANT. All poodles have hair in their ears, so your doodle will need to have his/her ears cleaned and likely plucked frequently. Proper ear care will prevent painful ear infections. I made a post on Facebook regarding ear care. For more detailed descriptions, see the post here:

Ear wash:

Yeast ear cleanser:

Ear drops

Ear powder (for plucking):


Diarrhea support: EVERYONE SHOULD ORDER THIS!!! This is liquid gold if you have a dog. I keep this on hand always to cure diarrhea FAST. All puppies should remain on a daily probiotics for the first year of life, but especially when on antibiotics or after deworming. Be sure you switch up your probiotics periodically. 


Probiotics: AND


Lastly, DON'T buy one of these adorable Snuggle Puppies! Every one of our puppies will go home with one to help with the transition!! If you want to have an extra on hand or if yours is loved a little too much and needs to be replaced, here's a link to order a new one later!

Rec products

Wireless Dog Fence and GPS Collar


Halo Collars are a phenomenal option for families looking for safe and effective fence option for your dog. No more underground wires plus you can take it with you wherever you go! The technology that these collars offer is truly state of the art, and the new Halo 3 is their easiest and most accurate model yet! Halo 3 has improved technology with more accurate and easier mapping and is adjustable and available for smaller dogs now, too!


As a Halo Affiliate, we can now offer our families $25 OFF their Halo collar PLUS ANY ONGOING DISCOUNTS/PROMOTIONS! If you’ve been considering a Halo, this is the best way to purchase your safety system. If you have questions about the collars, don't hesitate to reach out to me or the Halo company. Our families that use Halo can’t say enough good things about its effectiveness.

Our program will receive credit for any purchases made using the affiliate link, and we will put those credits towards collars for our own program. It doesn't cost you any more, and you can still take advantage of ALL their promotions, too!  Be sure to use the affiliate link here!




We feed all our dogs NuVet wafers and the bone and joint vitamins! They love the taste, and it's a quicky and easy treat to use for training! I trust this company to provide quality nutrition to ensure proper growth and development, and encourage all my puppy families to use these vitamins with their puppy.

Manufacturer Information:

At NuVet Labs® we really are “pet people”. We love animals so much it’s not uncommon for our employees to bring them to work. Even our President’s little Yorkie has his own cubicle.

We have made it our mission to help our furry friends stay healthy for years to come. It is this passion for pets that drives us to produce the best nutritional supplement you can find.


TLC Dog Food

We are proud to be a trusted resource for all of our puppy families and strive to provide quality advice for raising happy and healthy dogs and pups. With this in mind, we are pleased to share our recent decision to feed and recommend TLC Pet Food.

Find some of the many reasons we’ve switched to TLC below and take advantage of this exclusive $5 OFF coupon for our families.



Feel free to contact TLC’s dedicated Pet Service Team if you have any questions by phone 1-877-328-8400 or by email at
*   Meat-first, ancestral based formula sold to North American pet owners since 1994.
*   Made with wholesome ingredients and biologically beneficial protein sources, TLC has a taste your pup will love and nutrition you can trust.
*   TLC Pet Food is made fresh and delivered for FREE right to your door.
*   Unmatched customer service, dedicated to serving you and your pet.
*   Schedule your FREE deliveries according to your pet's individual eating habits using Autoship.
*   Never worry about running out of pet food, change, adjust or cancel anytime!

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All of our puppies are raised with the philosophies inspired by the founder of BAB, Jeanette Forrey. She has been breeding dogs using these founding principles and has produced successful therapy dogs for many years. Her early exposure timeline guides what we do with our puppies to ensure they are well-rounded puppies. We also utilize her temperament testing to help evaluate our puppies prior to placement with their new families. If you would like to learn more about her program, feel free to visit her website or follow her on social media!

There’s also an incredible new book by our mentor, Jeannette Forrey, called Raising the Empowered Puppy that is an AMAZING TRAINING AND SUPPORT RESOURCE for any new or current dog owner! Her ability to understand what a dog’s needs are and how to effectively meet those needs is truly remarkable. Her book is available for purchase, but she also has free podcasts that I highly encourage you to check out!

Together, we can make sure EVERY PUPPY AND EVERY ADOPTION is a happy and successful one! 






There is a lot to worry about regarding your new puppy/adult's health. Many people ask me if I think insurance is a good idea. Every family situation is different, but should you decide to purchase insurance for your pet, Trupanion is a company that is easy to work with and quick to answer any questions you might have. 

All of our families go home with 30 days of health care coverage for FREE! 

Since 2000, Trupanion has been innovating in the pet insurance industry. Our staff is comprised of veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and doting pet owners. We care passionately about pets and make sure our policy has what it takes to serve them and you.

With our unique software, we can approve claims and pay your bill directly to the veterinary hospital within minutes. You and your veterinarian can simply focus on providing your pet with the best medical care, no matter what it takes.


BAXTER & Bella

We are super excited to announce that we have officially partnered with BAXTER & Bella and their exclusive online puppy school!

This program provides pet parents with Lifetime MEMBERS ONLY Access to achieve better animal ownership and experience the very best in canine companionship. Their step-by-step lessons, how-to videos, training methods, materials, and resources will help you successfully integrate your new dog into your life and home... and they even include unlimited one-on-one video conferencing and online canine coaching classes too!

There are many training opportunities available in person and online, but Baxter and Bella is a great company that offers the freedom and flexibility of individualized training from your own home!

Use the promo code CWBERNEDOODLES to instantly save 25%!



We are thrilled to be able to offer our puppy clients AND guardian families the option for grooming services while puppy remains on site. Whether your dog is here for boarding, training or breeding purposes, he/she can take advantage of our on-site groomer! Kylyn does an amazing job working with these dogs in a patient, supportive, and gentle manner. She has worked with dogs of all ages, sizes and comfort levels. Proper grooming and routine care is essential not only for the comfort of your dog, but also for their mental and physical health! Do not wait until it's too late- groom often and early to make sure your dog has the confidence necessary for a low-stress groom.




Bath and Tidy: This includes a bath, blow dry, trimmed nails, sanitary trim and ear care! Small $40

Medium $50 

Large $60


Full Groom: This includes a bath, blow dry, full body haircut, trimmed nails, sanitary trim, and ear care!

Small $60

Medium $70

Large $80


Bath & Deshed: This includes a bath, blow dry, deshed (removing hair from the undercoat) trimmed nails, sanitary trim, and ear care! 

Small $65

Medium $75

Large $85

Puppy Pamper: This includes a gentle grooming introduction, bath, blow dry, trimmed nails, trimmed paw pads, sanitary trim, and ear care!

Small/Medium $40

Large $45



Nail Trim $10

Ear Cleaning $5

Matted Coats: Inquire

Baxter & Bella



We are working on rolling out our brand new Swag store!! We are now able to offer DROP SHIPPING directly to your doorstep through our new online shopping platform. We will still try to keep a small inventory in the nursery for last minute shopping, so feel free to check with us if you're looking to grab something in person on Go-Home day! :)

All of our items are chosen specifically for QUALITY and COMFORT! I live in my CWB tees, sweatshirts, tanks, and hats! I love my new drink tumblers and look forward to adding fun new products often! You will love our custom swag, so be sure you grab a few things to show your support for our program in the BEST LOUNGE WEAR CLOTHING you'll ever buy! 


*Please note that orders are processed only twice a month- so expect a slight delay in shipping times and adjust your orders accordingly. 

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