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We proudly breed purebred Bernese Mountain Dogs

as well as a variety of Bernedoodes

As we continue to expand our dog family, we still plan to remain a relative small breeding program. Because we are a small program, we only have a few litters each year. As you can imagine, we have a big family that's active in school and sports, with friends and enjoying the outdoors. Our family will always come first, and our family life limits the amount of time we  have. We ONLY plan litters when we know we can give our dogs and puppies the quality of time AND care they need and deserve.


We are committed to only breeding for the right reasons- to share our love for these breeds and help families choose the pet that is right for them. While researching which breed to add to your family- ASK QUESTIONS, check references, speak to the breeder and build a relationship based on mutual trust.


Sometimes it seems surreal that this dream is also my (Jessica's) job. I love every aspect of it! From choosing the right breeding dogs, delivering and raising puppies, socialization and meeting and selecting loving families to pass the torch to, this is what I'm called to be doing! But I will continue saying "we" because it takes all of us the do this job well! We want families to trust that WE are the ones raising these puppies- not hired help like many large scale breeders. Our family is key to raising mellow, well-socialized and loving puppies. 


Since we do not have many litters, our wait lists are to filling up fast! Keep this in mind while searching for the right breeder, program and puppy! We understand that timing is important for planning, and all of our families must understand we are at the mercy of our females ! Should you decide to adopt from us, we appreciate your flexibility and understanding when "nature" has other plans and our timing runs a bit off schedule! 

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We are very proud of all our puppies and love watching them grow!

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