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Our adoption process is very hands-on and personal. We encourage families to start by filling out our application. There is NO OBLIGATION but it is very informative about our program and adoption process. After we receive your application, we will follow up with a phone interview. At that time we will ask more questions to get to know your situation a little better and find out what you are looking for in a puppy. We will answer any questions you might have and evaluate if we are a “good fit” to help you find the right puppy for your family! We respect that no two families desires are the same, and we try our best to place our puppies in proper, loving, and forever homes. At the end of the day, we would rather help you find the “right puppy” than pressure you into adopting from us.


Should you decide to place a deposit on one of our upcoming litters, you become a part of our CWB family! We try our best to keep everyone informed about heat cycles, successful breeding, anticipated due dates, pregnancy confirmation/ultrasound and ultimately litter news. Facebook is our main method of frequent communication, but we also stay connected to families via email, text, messenger and our quarterly newsletter. 


Once the puppies are here, we go through the waitlist and inform everyone which pick they have. Countless pictures and videos are shared on Facebook, allowing families to watch the puppies grow and develop! We also do professional photo shoots every week so families can watch them grow and change each week. 


A private Facebook group is used to communicate important information leading up to Homecoming Day. All important documents that are included in their take home folders, as well as all care package items are shared in this group for families to review ahead of time so that Homecoming Day can be all about the fun stuff instead! It also allows families to get to know one another and ask questions freely. We're THE ONLY BREEDER who gives families DAILY ACCESS INTO THE NURSERY so they can follow the puppies as they go through their puppy curriculum and different developmental milestones (typically beginning around 3 weeks of age!) Detailed information regarding our temperament testing and physical exams is also shared in this private group for families to review and use as a tool to help choose the puppy that best fits their needs/desires prior to choosing on Homecoming Day. 


On Homecoming Day, choices are made in the order of deposit received and selections are made in one hour time blocks. We have found this to be a sufficient amount of time for families to make their decision. Chosen puppies are updated in the private Facebook group so that families can follow along and see who is still available when it is their assigned time block. Our families refer to this affectionately as Puppy Draft Day! :P It's amazing how the process works out so well for everyone involved and is a lot of fun!


Although the adoption process is finished here, our relationship with our families is truly just beginning! We are grateful for the friendships we make and the lasting relationships that come from being a part of such a wonderful milestone in our families lives! 

Adoption Process
Puppy Application




Looking for more information about our puppies?

We encourage families to fill out our application. There is absolutely NO OBLIGATION to adopt a puppy from us, but the application is very informative about our program, pricing and adoption process. After we receive your application, we will follow up with a phone interview.  Before ever taking a deposit from a prospective family, we truly get to know them and would NEVER take a deposit until AFTER our phone interview.

*Please note that our application does close from time to time. We try to keep our waitlist to a 6-9 month wait MAX.


Click here to view testimonials from our happy families!


What's Included!

Adopt with us and rest assured your new pup will come home with: 

- First round of vaccinations per UW Recommendations, as well as INDIVIDUALIZED vaccination schedule via UW-Madison Antibody research

-1 year genetic health guarantee and health certificate

- Complete health records and educational information

- Microchip with registration information

- Regular de-worming 

- Individualized care packages with scented blanket

- TLC/RC gift bag

- Snuggle Puppy® to aid in transition home

- Car sick kit for the ride home

- Discounted online puppy training membership

- FREE 30 day health insurance through Trupanion

- Access to a closed Facebook group with litter mates

- LIFETIME breeder support and friendship

*Raised indoors using ENS therapy, following the BAB Program and Puppy Culture Protocol, well-socialized daily, exposed to other pets including dogs, a cat and chickens. Sold with spay/neuter contract.

Upcoming litter

Upcoming Litters

image_123650291 (16).JPG

Izzy x King

(Micro mini Bernedoodles)​


Colors: phantom/phantom abstract

Anticipated size: 15-25#

10 pups born 4/10/24

5 boys 5 girls (phantom, phantom abstract and one red boy)

Anticipated go home: June 8/9




Piper x Harley

(Mini F1B Bernedoodles)​


Colors: traditional tricolor, phantom abstract, Tri parti and merle combinations

Anticipated size: 30-45#

Due: May 4

Anticipated go home: last week of June


image_123650291 (54).JPG

Coco x Skip

(Small standard F1B Bernedoodles)​


Colors: traditional tricolor, sable tricolor, tri parti and sable parti *brindle combinations possible

Anticipated size: 50-70#

Due: May 4

Anticipated go home: last week of June



Olive x Rusty

(Full size Bernedoodles)​


Colors: traditional tricolor and phantom abstract

Anticipated size: 75#+

Due: June 11

Anticipated go home: second week of August

image_123650291 (61).JPG

Roo x Zeke

(Small Standard Ultra Bernedoodles)​


Colors: traditional tricolor

Anticipated size: 40-60#

*Furnished AND Unfurnished expected

Heat started 4/8/24

Anticipated go home: mid-late August


Tatum x Benny/Roman

(Mini Bernedoodles)


Colors: traditional tricolor, merle tricolor, and a variety of parti/ B&W combinations depending on which stud is used/ready

Anticipated size: 20-45#

*Furnished AND Unfurnished expected

Heat started 4/8/24

Anticipated go home: Late Aug/early Sept

image_123650291 (57).JPG

2023 Litters

Tentative plans at this time based on our waitlist

These are our tentative breeding plans for the first half of 2024 to the best of our knowledge at this time. Females that have already been bred/are due or in heat are listed above in the Upcoming Litters section. We will continue to update this list as our girls come into season and based on waitlist needs. 

Upcoming litters- 2024 Plans!

These are our anticipated pairings. We adjust litter plans based on our waitlist desires- so if there is a cross you would like to see, be sure to submit a deposit so we can plan accordingly. 

Rosie x Skip - Medium F1b bernedoodles (35-55#) OR  Rosie x Zeke- medium F1's *Merle expected

Lola x Ozzy- medium ultras (40-60#) *Merle expected

Indy x ??- once we see what puppies we have in our first litters of 2024, we can adjust the plans for which stud we will select for Indy! 

Sofia x King/Roman- mini F1b bernedoodles (20-45#) OR ULTRAS!!

Penny x Ozzy- 100% FULLY FURNISHED, mini, multigenerational, traditional and brown tricolor plus merle combinations! 

We thrilled that we re FINALLY breeding dams for our first bernedoodles of 2024, if all goes well! Because of the delay, we have revamped our schedule a little bit from what we originally were planning. Please note those changes as indicated above. We appreciate your understanding as we try and accommodate those who have been on our waitlist the longest while still pairing dogs to meet everyone's needs we well.

We have some flexibility regarding where we go next and I will try and stick to the original schedule as best as possible. There are also a couple dams not listed in the recent e-Newsletter that I can pair with a variety of studs as needed. I will continue to update the website as we know more based on their actual heat cycles. They’ll all probably decide to do their thing at the same time again like last fall, so pray for me.

We appreciate everyone’s patience as dogs only have cycles every 6 months and we do our best to choose the best pairs with what we are given in terms of that timing. 

Future Litter Plans
Master Waitlist


It's important for us to keep our families updated on their place in our waitlist. We have decided to make our waitlist available 24/7 for your reference. Please keep in mind that we only update this periodically, and you are always welcome to reach out directly if you have any questions or concerns. Families usually have many opportunities to adopt within the first 6-9 months on our waitlist. Please keep in mind that this is ONLY FOR BERNEDOODLE ADOPTIONS. Our Purebred waitlist remains separate, as we only open it periodically. 

(updated April 13, 2024)

*Indicates pending current adoption


Allison Davis

Laura Erickson​

Kim Garman

Brenda Thielen

Cassie Ossmann

<<Nicci Hannemann>>

Tom Sloane

Patti Stank

Candy Stein

Peggy Yessa

Brandon Larson

Ann Fisher

Amanda Gross

Nicole Sperl

Alexis Holter

Jackie Johnson

Caitlin Acosta

Catherine Christner

Cindy Frisque

Cheryl Wild

Kelly Smerz

Amanda Brooks

Jeanine McMannes

Louise Jillings

Ben Blodgett



Stephanie Szymanski

Ashley Yager

<<Rachel Kreger>>

Elliot Rohrer

Rachel Watson

Lianna Frkovich

Terek Glenetski

Heidi Bubb

David Braun

Alex Suazo

Marsha Mattek

Dorothy Bauer

<<Erica Eloe>>
Lauren Kurey

Brandon Santelli

Chris Marifern

Cassie Bonneau

Kathy Albeidinger

Greg Zacharias

Lindsey D.Barringer

<<Dylan Adler>>

Danica Rigel


Unfurnished Bernedoodle Waitlist

We will be adding this separate waitlist once we have had a chance to reach out to all of our current applicants with paid deposits. If you are one of those families, please reach out via text if you would like to officially move your deposit to an UNFURNISHED bernedoodle. This will allow us to better plan our litters, since these pups are very different from typical bernedoodles. THANK YOU! More information regarding this cross is available on our Ultra Bernedoodle page. 

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