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Bernedoodles are a wonderful combination of the fun and playful poodle and the laid back, lazy and loyal Berner, which is why they have become one of the most desirable doodles in the last few years. More and more bernedoodles are being seen in public and their attractiveness combined with their wonderful temperament is really drawing more and more people to this wonderful cross-breed!

Although we ourselves passionately love the Bernese breed, we understand that not everyone is able to have them. Whether it might be a dog allergy, the excessive shedding or their massive size, not everyone can handle the 100+ pounds of love and hair that go along with owning a Berner! For more information on this breed specifically, please reference our Bernese Mountain Dog tab. In a nutshell, Berners are happiest anywhere they are with their people, regardless of what they might be doing! They're truly a easy-going breed that are not hard to love, and now everyone has the opportunity to enjoy life with a Berner in one way or another!

Their counterpart, the poodle, is INCREDIBLY intelligent. Originally bred as hunting dogs, they have a very keen sense of smell and are easily trained. They are clever and very goofy animals that add excitement and a healthy level of spunk to our life! Outside, we’ve noticed they can be slightly aloof and found off on their own, exploring. However, inside they are lovable snugglers and happy to lay around, waiting for the next opportunity to get outside and dirty!!


What size is right for you??


Bernedoodles come in all sizes and colors. We can now offer a variety of sizes based on different pairings within our program and adjust our litter plans to accommodate what the families on our waitlist desire. Be sure to let us know what size you prefer during your phone interview. 

Ultra Bernedoodles (varies): These puppies have a great percentage of BMD than poodle. We can produce a variety of colors, sizes, and hypoallergenic options. This mis is VERY UNIQUE and has a lot of diversity within the cross. For that reason, please visit our Ultra Bernedoodle Page for additional information on these puppies. 

Full Size Standard Bernedoodles (65-90+ pounds): These pups are typically from our F1 Bernedoodle crosses, so they are 50/50 BMD/Poodle mixes. These pups will consistently have traditional markings similar to BMD's and maintain a very similar disposition. They are highly human-focused, athletic and easily trained. 

Medium Bernedoodles (40-70 pounds): We have a variety of medium bernedoodles in our program. Medium F1's are produced using a smaller poodle and BMD, but we also can pair our dogs to produce larger F1B crosses. These crosses are a wonderful option for those who have more severe allergy concerns but prefer a slightly larger dog. Temperament depends on the specific cross.

Mini Bernedoodles (25-50 pounds): This cross is produced by taking an F1 bernedoodle back to a smaller poodle. Families with severe allergy concerns or who desire a smaller dog prefer this cross. These pups are highly intelligent, playful, and sweet natured.

Micro Mini Bernedoodles (less than 25 pounds): We do not use any toy poodles in our program in order to maintain the temperament we desire, however, some of our crosses will produce puppies that are micro mini in size. Because we are working with a giant breed (BMD) it takes a few crosses to size down our dogs to this miniature size.

Full size standard
Medium size
Small size (mini)
Bernedoodle sizes

Click on a photo below to learn more about our bernedoodle colors

Traditional Tricolor



Traditional Tricolor Bernedoodles resemble the purebred BMD in their coloring and markings. They have the traditional black base coat with white on their face, paws and tip of their tail. They all have the traditional white cross on their chest and brown points on their face and legs. Typically traditional tricolor puppies will fade a little less than your sable puppies, remaining dark in their adult life or sometimes lighten to more of a silver for their base coat.

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Our traditional tricolor puppies come from a variety of parings and can be done in any generational cross. For information regarding which upcoming litters will produce traditional tricolor puppies, be sure to review our Upcoming Litters and Future Litter Plans to be sure there are opportunities in the size you most prefer. 

Scroll down to see examples of past traditional tricolor bernedoodle puppies


Phantom bernedoodles are very similar to traditional tricolor but do not express a white blaze on their face. A phantom abstract puppy will still be able to express white on their paws/tail/chest! Typically phantom puppies will mature similarly to traditional tricolors, retaining their dark coats or sometimes will lighten to more of a silver for their base coat. 

We can produce a wide variety of phantom puppies from countless dog in our program. Be sure to read their bios on our Dogs Page as well as the description for each litter on our Adoption Page to see who can produce Phantom/Phantom abstract puppies or if we have any upcoming litters that are expecting these color variations. 

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Scroll down to see examples of past phantom (abstract) bernedoodle puppies 
Phantom Bernedoodles



Sable tricolor (also referred to as sable and white) bernedoodles are a unique twist to your traditional tricolor puppies. Sable puppies start out with a very dark brown where the black pigment is on traditional tricolor. They still have similar lighter brown markings on their face and legs and express white on their face, paws, tail and chest. These puppies will lighten dramatically as they age as the dark brown pigment grows out and is cut off with consecutive grooming. Typically your lighter, straighter pups will end up varying shades of creams/whites whereas your darker, more wavy pups will mature to a light brown, almost gray and very curly coat. Depending on how and when they are groomed, the transformation can be quite dramatic! I read once that going to the groomer was like getting to bring a new puppy home each time they went!! 

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For countless pictures and videos from Willow and Duke's litters as well as Magnolia and Leo's, please visit our Facebook page! Both Willow and Magnolia are are retired, but we can now produce Sable bernedoodles in a variety of pairings. A unique variation of Magnolia's sable is her brindle pointed coloring. Her sons, Skip (fully tested) as well as our up and coming poodle stud, Harvey, can both produce sable AND brindle pointed puppies for us! We are thrilled about the continuation of Magnolia's incredible temperament as well as coloring in her offspring. 

Scroll down to see examples of past merle tricolor bernedoodle puppies
Sable Tricolor Bernedoodes



We are THRILLED to announce the addition of MERLE into our program. Merle coloring gives bernedoodles an additional POP of color, with patterns that are rare and show stopping! The marble look created by the merle gene takes the traditional tricolor beauty one step farther! Due to the genetics of Merle, there is only a 50% chance  puppies born from a merle dog will be born merle, which is why they are harder to produce. 

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We can now produce Merle puppies in a wide variety of pairings, and we will note that on our Adoption Page so you can reference which litters will have merle colors expected. The variability of merle coloring is so fun! Be sure to review countless pictures on our social media pages for additional pictures of merle puppies we have (and can!!) produce!

Merle pups can come in a variety of patters: 

-merle tricolor (white facial blaze, paws and tail tip)

-phantom merle (brown and black with merle spots)

-phantom merle abstract (brown and black with SOME white on chest/paw with merle spots)

-merle parti combinations of all the above (50% white)

Scroll down to see examples of past merle bernedoodle puppies
(these are all merle tricolor, but COUNTLESS phantom merle and phantom merle abstract photos can be found on our Facebook page if you search "Sofia" in the search feature!
  OR CLICK HERE for some examples.